Single Lace - Premium Glove Lace

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Each Lace is 72” long. 

Flatbill is your direct source for the best lace in baseball. Our glove lacing is made from high quality leather that'll make an old glove feel like brand new again. Whether you're changing up colors for some new flare or restoring your baby to its former glory, Flatbill has what you need. Pick your colors, pick your widths, and string 'em up!

Got the pesky pop going on with your favorite glove? Yeah, we've all been there. You're playing America's game with your buddies and all of a sudden, pop, your glove is broke. Unlucky. But, here to help, Flatbill steps up to the plate.

About our lace:

  • Professional-Grade Strength
  • Best Moisture and Heat Resistance in Leather Production
  • Durable Temper for Reduced Cracking
  • Longest Lifetime in Baseball Lacing

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