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Flatbill Baseball

10 Pack Premium Baseball Lace

10 Pack Premium Baseball Lace

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10 Pack Premium Baseball Lace

10 Pack Premium Baseball Lace

We’ve got 3 different sizes:

3.5/16″ is right in the middle of traditional sizes. Great because you can use one size for the whole glove.
1/4″ is mainly used for the webs and fingertips.
3/16″ is mainly used for palms, heels, pinky, and thumbs.

Each Lace is 72” Long 

Flatbill is your direct source for the best lace in baseball. Our glove lacing is made from high quality leather that’ll make an old glove feel like brand new again. Whether you’re changing up colors for some new flare or restoring your baby to its former glory, Flatbill has what you need. Pick your colors, pick your widths, and string ’em up!

The 10 Pack has enough lace in it to relace an entire glove. Your webbing, fingers, heel, and thumb will all be brought back to life with this pack! (Please note this might not be true for some extra big catchers’ and first basemans’ gloves. You may need to get an extra pack, fellas.)

About our lace:

  • Professional-Grade Strength
  • Best Moisture and Heat Resistance in Leather Production
  • Durable Temper for Reduced Cracking
  • Longest Lifetime in Baseball Lacing