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Glove Conditioner - Pro Grade

Glove Conditioner - Pro Grade

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Glove Conditioner - Pro Grade

Glove Conditioner - Pro Grade

This blend has one purpose: Condition your leather.

You can use this blend to condition your brand new glove and help with the break in process, use it on your everyday glove, or even use it on your glove that has been passed down from your great great grandfather.

We have added all natural ingredients to this blend, ingredients that have withstood the test of time in the leather care world. This blend is great for use both in-season and off-season.

It does not have any tackifying ingredients so this blend will leave your leather looking beautiful and feeling supple with a less tacky feel than you will receive from our Game Ready Blend. Our Pro Glove Conditioner is a premium product that is currently used by players at every level including the major leagues and is a favorite of many of the best glove restorers in the U.S.

2oz or 4oz twist top can.